SMD Electro Components is Authorized Distributor for WTL

“WTL is a Manufacturer with main products: Crystals, Quartz Crystals, Resonator, Oscillator. WTL offers quartz crystals, filters, resonators, oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, and SAW device.

Quartz crystals are widely used in today’s electronics circuits as high quality tuned circuits or resonators. Despite their high performance quartz crystals are cheap to produce and they find many uses in applications from oscillator clock circuits in microprocessor boards, the timing element in digital watches as well as their more traditional applications in radio frequency applications where they may be used as the resonators in highly stable quartz crysal oscillators of high performance crystal filters.”

»  Quartz Crystals

»  Filters, Resonators

»  Oscillators



»  SAW device

Company Website : http://www.wtlcrystals.com/

Email : sales@smdelectro.com

Phone : +91 – 7666211912

Landline : +91 – 22 – 23891912